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After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up in search of sanctuary, but instead find love.

Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story takes place shortly after humanity has put down a recent zombie outbreak. The last two zombies left “undead” are looking for their place in the world, while one lonely zombie hunter’s newfound fame and glory can’t fill the hole in his heart left by the recent loss of his now undead love.

The characters are forced to confront zombies, angry mobs, double-barreled shotguns, and an ever-dangerous thing called love, until fate brings them all face to face in an explosive finale.

Can the zombies avoid a gruesome second death at the hands of chainsaw-wielding mob and find a place in which they can live in peace? Can the zombie hunter complete his quest and rid the world of zombies, or will his past relationship with his prey cause him to falter? Can any of them hit the high notes?


Maxwell Glick

Lisa Musser

Boston Stergis

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